An instructor and goalie reviewing performance on a tablet device, on the ice.

sidebar-video.jpgKenesky is pleased to offer the best development program you have every seen as the Mini Pads can only provide so much development, especially for Elite Goalies who are being counted on to deliver important victories for their teams.

Elite Goalies or Goalies wanting to develop to that level will love our new program.



We must see you play a game to understand what is needed for improvement. 

A Kenesky video contractor will attend a game and videotape the whole thing. What is different about our video. We tape from the Red Line so we can see how our Goalie reads the play, establishes proper positioning, adjusts to secondary players joining the rush, making saves and rebound control, playing the puck, etc. - this is an in-depth analysis of all parts of the game.


The second stage of our Elite Program is to have our senior instructor analyze the video in detail. He will capture parts of the game for improvement and sit down one-on-one with our Goalie and review the game footage. There is no better way to improve as a goaltender than to watch yourself between the pipes and analyze your play during competition. 


After our video review and meeting, we will discuss what program your Goalie will need to reach their true potential. This will include some private lessons on the Mini Pads working on skill development, our instructor's attendance at your team's practice, or full ice rental with other Goalies so we can work on power skating, puck handling, and game management. 


We will be holding seminars on many subjects over the year and Goalies in our Elite program will be invited at no extra cost. 


Based on the development program decided by instructor and parents we will quote a custom price for you.