Mark, I wanted to provide some feedback on Adrian and the impact he has had on Callum. I also attach an action shot…

“Adrian has been working with Callum since December 2015, after Cal had missed the first half of his season with a broken leg. They had an immediate connection, and ever since Cal has only ever wanted to work with Adrian. After having much team success in his first two years of rep hockey, this season has been a different experience, with wins harder to come by. While Cal has continued to make huge strides technically, I am most impressed that Adrian spends time helping Cal with the mental side of his game. When wins are hard to come by and a goalies confidence begins to suffer, so does their game. Adrian has impressed upon Cal the importance of being tough mentally and having a “be a monster” attitude. This has made Cal reflect on his own play, often leading him to initiate discussions about goals that went in and what he could have done differently.

All anyone needs to know about Adrian and his commitment to the kids he works with is that he shows up at games on his own time and pays attention to how the kids are doing. He doesn’t just let you show up and tell him what’s going on. He demonstrates a level of care for the kids that encourages them and keeps them working.

All of this has led to Cal having posted a shutout recently and 3 wins in a row, all while playing for Team Canada in the Nations Cup!

Thank you, Adrian,


Good Morning Mark,

In a previous e-mail, I recall you asking for "success stories".   Well, I sure have one!
My son Jacen participated in the Hespler Olympics Dec 27-29 with his team the Oakville Rangers Minor Atom Select team.     They not only won the Championships yesterday, but Jacen also won player of the game in that Championship game.     The third period their opponents came at us full force and there is no question the skills Jacen has developed over the years and most recently with your organization resulted in that win.    He was being attacked by the other team and he saved everything.    The other team even nicknamed him "The Dumptruck" as he was "picking up everything in sight"  LOL    He didn't let any goals in the whole tournament !!   Actually, he hasn't let in a goal since the first game back on Oct 17th, and that was only 1 goal.
We look forward to training at your facility and seeing what the new year brings :)

Callum loves training with Adrian, and his technique continues to improve. Adrian not only works on Callum’s skills but works with him on pushing himself and achieving. Great coach who cares, even came out in his own time to watch Callum in live game-play. I would recommend Adrian highly, but that may limit his availability!!!

Hey Mark, 
Seb has been a wall between the pipes... His stance, prediction and most importantly, his confidence. This is all due to John’s ethics and interaction with him. I appreciate what you guys do to improve our young ones dare-devil habits as it is a very emotional and satisfying position. Thanks again for making it happened and a job well done for John Jeffries. 
J-F Desjardins 

Hi Mark,   

Cole really enjoys his lessons with John,  has been learning a lot and using the skills John is teaching him during his games.  

Hi Mark 

Yes! Everything was great, John is a really nice guy and worked well with Kingston


Keith was very happy with the lesson he got today.  Definitely interested in the 6-lesson package

Mark, I have to let you know Adrian came to watch Cal play a game last week. I was very impressed he would do that, and it meant a lot to Callum to have his coach there. Can't say enough good about him. Cal will be seeing him tomorrow!


So far Ieland's experience at Kenesky's has been beyond expectations! He trained last year at Grainger for a bit which was great for drills, but from a technical standpoint, the little details that John has pointed out and helped leland work on is far more helpful & exactly we've been looking for in a goalie coach! 

Looking forward to each week of training and watching his development! 

Thanks so much Mark.

Just as an FYI, Ben thoroughly enjoyed his instruction today on the full ice, as did Ryan.
Your instructors are really thorough and great with the boys! 

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to reach out and give Adrain and John some feedback.  The goalie power skate is really well run and these guys do a great job, Hugo enjoyed it.   You're very lucky to have them running your programs. 



I hope you had a great day!

We just finished the 6 May/June sessions and what a success they were!  Improved a ton and got used to his new equipment.   Excellent time to do that!

Great session with Adrian last night!

He's awesome! Liam's first time back on the ice in two months and by the end it looked like Adrian had him in mid-season form.

Great stuff!


I hope you're enjoying your summer so far. I'm seeing some noticeable and significant improvements with my goaltending and I have to say I'm very impressed with how helpful John has been with his instruction and answering my questions. 

Hi Mark,

We booked the sessions for Vincent - were very happy with the lessons so far. Vincent went from house league to AA with the help of Adrian and a little hard work.


The instructors for both Kenesky and Coast have been great

Thanks Mark

Lessons going well, Cole has enjoyed them.  Really enjoyed his lesson with John the other night,  

Good Morning Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks again for accommodating Jacob, he’s having a great time with Spencer, he’s a great coach for Jacob.

Perfect!  Thanks!

Caleb will be pumped!!!  Goalie lesson nights are his favourite!


Caleb loves his lessons!  Can’t wait to go each week!  John has become his favourite person!!!


Your instructors John Jeffries and Adrian Volpe have made all the difference in his enjoyment of the game.  They are professional, positive and provide instruction suitable to the level of play for him.  

Hi Mark

Adrian has been great and puts our boys through some great sessions.  

Hello Mark

I wanted to let you know how much my son loved his lessons.  The instructors were amazing and really made an impact on him.  

** Your march break camp was really good, Marshall felt tuned and up and had a stronger performance at tournament that weekend - they won that, and his team won OMHA this year as well - just wanted to note we appreciate the great training your team provides and the coaches attitude on the ice.


Also, that was an incredible camp for the kids - instruction was great! I've had a lot of people ask me about it, so I imagine quite a few of them will join us in the next camp.

Thanks again.

Thanks so much Mark.

We've always had great experiences with Keneskys. You have shown me today that we will continue to. 


We are very much enjoying your school specifically with Adrian Volpe.  My 8-year-old son has developed a great bond with Adrian and his game has greatly improved and is being noticed by everyone at the MMHA. Adrian's professionalism, knowledge, and teachings have been amazing and for this we are grateful.


An amazing program this morning. Jack had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you for doing this. 

Hey, Mark is there any spots open for tomorrow might send Ben again.

let me know, he had fun.

Hi Mark,

After this morning's session, Carly now wants to go every day. 

Hi Mark,

My son Justin has been attending the goalie school off and on since he decided to try playing Goalie in 2015.  Your instructors John Jeffries and Adrian Volpe have made all the difference in his enjoyment of the game.  They are professional, positive and provide instruction suitable to the level of play for him.  

He enjoys his time with both John and Adrian.  Thanks to you and the guys for a job well done.

Hi Mark

Thank you so much for quick response!

My kids love the lessons!

Hi Mark,

I will try to send it on the 20th of March if not before. I will let you know.

Thank you again so much! He had a great time and said he learned a lot. His goaltending has very much improved...

Thanks Again.

Hi Mark,

Another excellent puck handling session.  For a young goalie, it is like a season’s worth of puck handling development in 90 min.

Great drills and instruction… looking forward to the next one.


Hi Mark,  I wanted to let you know that Campbell enjoyed each of his three sessions!  We would like to purchase the ten pack.  


Btw, after reading some of the feedback: I would concur with the general feeling of improved efficiency and the website is now running very nicely too. It's so easy to book and adjust lessons now, which is very important for us!

The coaching is great, man. Very positive, great technical feedback and explanations (for both parent and goalie). Cameron is always "tanked," yet pumped and satisfied with what he's achieved after his coaching sessions, which is exactly the way it should be! 

In our experience: The coaches attention to detail, intensity, depth of experience together with their ability to relate and empathize is superb! We try and book with John, as much as possible (great guy!), but have absolutely no issues booking with Adrian and Jason, also. Kenesky is always a positive experience for my Son and therefore for me too! 


Our first session with Adrian went really well and both kids said they had fun.  My son said he liked the fact that Adrian worked him hard J

Keep up the good work.  Cheers. 


Just wanted to say, we are getting the Goalie reports, they’re great, Brendan likes to see them, sending the coach a copy, he’s happy.

Everything is working great now, it’s all easy to do and get.

Thank you

Good Evening Mark,

 It has been a little bit since I have had my son in for lessons.  It has been a crazy season!   I have heard a ton of positive feedback since the changeover!!!

Hi Mark,

I have some positive feedback on the new ownership. I've seen a real improvement with regards to the sessions running on time relative to the booked times. In the past, I always found that my booked session was running 10 - 15 minutes late. I got the impression that as long as the instructor gave you 30 minutes - it wasn't a big deal if they were 10-15 minutes behind schedule. As we're all busy - it's great to see John and Adrian really keeping to the scheduled time. Please let the instructors know that the parents appreciate the improved time management. 


Hello Mark,

I thought the puckhandling session was great.  It was something different that Ethan doesn't often get to work on.


Hi Mark,

Just wanted to mention that both Owen and I were very impressed with Adrian. We love John and have had nothing but great experiences with him so far but we had to reach out on Adrian being great so far as well!!!



Hi Mark,

I like that my little guy was tired.  It was run good and I would not change anything.

Great puck handling session today.  Instructors did an excellent job of:

  • keeping all goalies active the whole 90 min
  • pairing goalies up based on skill
  • progression from basic drills to more difficult ones
  • keeping it fun while encouraging effort

My son asked to do it again on Friday.  

Hi Mark, just letting u know that Spencer loved his power skating clinic today. It was his first time getting any kind of instruction like that and I was worried he might be overwhelmed but as soon as he came off the ice he asked when he could do it again. I'm wondering if there is a package rate for buying multiple lessons or what kind of deals u have for private lessons...Thx again!